Meet the Synquatics Team

Heba & Sarah aka The Twins

Training intensively for eight hours a day since they were five, Artistic swimming has always been an integral part of the twins lives. Hence when they moved to Dubai, it was only natural they start this exciting new venture together since the sport did not exist here.

Being twins, Sarah and Heba were very compatible and performed a duet together where they competed in numerous international competitions, including various world cups as well as the Sydney Olympic games. Heba also went on to compete in the Athens games in 2004, however Sarah had left to pursue her passion for coaching. They won first place in the duet event in the Mediterranean Comen cup and were duet national champions of Egypt for over ten years.
After a very successful athletic career, Sarah decided to become an English literature teacher and Heba became a Pilates Instructor and Z-Health Master Practitioner. However they both continued to coach Synchro and have incorporated the skills they have learnt in their coaching practices. Teaching has helped Sarah become an exemplary coach as she knows how to make her lessons fun and engaging, yet always challenging.

Heba’s focus has always been on maximising people’s athletic potential. She has a strong applied interest on the body’s nervous system and neuroscience and how it can be used to improve performance and help alleviate pain. Hence, together they compliment each other and make a great team. They are both recognised for their warm and accommodating manner, and their perseverant natures has helped them achieve success in everything that they do. It is a special time for the twins to finally be living in the same city and start this exciting new venture together.

Heba & Sarah Synquatics

Khaled Elsayed aka Man with the Plan

Behind every great man is a great woman, well, in this case it’s slightly reversed; Khaled, husband of Sarah and the co-founder of synquatics, manages the day to day operations and marketing, allowing Sarah and Heba to focus on what they do best, teaching. Khaled, from an Investment Banking background, is focusing on his entrepreneurial passion and is currently working on some very exciting projects that focus on e-commerce, health and fitness. Khaled is recognised for being able to foster high quality, achievement driven results alongside having a conscientious, erudite nature that has always enabled him to achieve his aspirations.

Khaled Elsayed Synquatics

Coach Dragana

As a young child I loved water and was both artistic and athletic. I was fortunate enough to fall in love with sport that combines these two, plus aquatic skills. I was 8 years old when I decided to become a Artistic swimmer. That decision has led me to achieve 52 medals in my career and be a member of the Serbian National Team for 6 years. I was competing at different State and European Championships. My aim is to instruct young generations on how to improve and develop their synchro techniques.[/three_fourth]



Coach Ingy