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Calling all parents and kids interested in learning synchronised swimming. Register today for your preferred trial location and we will get back to you about when trials will be taking place.

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Swimmers can choose to train either once, twice or three times a week. You need to be a confident swimmer and aged 6+. All participants must have the ability to swim a 20 Metre lap, without touching the bottom or the edge of the pool. Sessions are typically 60 mins and price depends on location. Please note, we only accept block bookings per term to ensure commitment. There is also a discount for siblings and those that wish to train more than once a week.

Grouping and skill level

Our groups are divided up by skill levels, so please use this as a guide when viewing term timetables to find the right group/class for you.


Star Level swimmers training once a week.


Skill Level 1 or 2. Sessions will either be 1 hour or 1.5 hours depending on the venue and group. Swimmers can choose and are encouraged to do more than 1 session per week.


Skill Level 2 or 3. Training will be 2 to 3 hours a week depending on age. Invite only.

Squad Teams

Skill Level 2 to 5. Invite only groups, train a minimum of 4 hours per week.


View terms timetables and pricing

Click on the relevant icons below to access relevant documents, such as term timetables by location, term calendar, enrolment form, and price structure. Also, please check other important dates.







These are the locations that we currently hold sessions as per above schedule and the prices.


Skill levels

We currently follow the skill level ladder based on the UK system, where synchronised swimmers are tested on the skills they have learnt before they can enter certain competitions. In order to compete, they have to pass the relevant skill level. The coach will be able to inform you which level is needed for which competition. Click on the links to see PDF for skill levels

Terms and Conditions

Synchro swimmers,

Kindly familiarise yourself with all the terms and conditions below and thank you for choosing to join our club. We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

The Synquatics Team

Sessions terms and conditions

  1. As Synchronised swimming is a team sport, it is vital that our swimmers train together as a team. Once your place is reserved within a team, it is your responsibility to ensure you attend every session.
  2. Term payments need to be made within the first two weeks of the corresponding term in order to ensure your place is reserved within the team.
  3. Term payments need to be made within the first two weeks of the corresponding term in order to ensure your space in the team is guaranteed and reserved.
  4. We do not provide refunds or make-up lessons for missed sessions except in the circumstances outlined below.
  5. Make up lessons are only available at the discretion of Synquatics’ management and will be considered under the following circumstances:
    1. if we cancel a lesson due to weather or unforeseen circumstances e.g. coach illness, facility repairs, pool hygiene issues.
    2. If we cancel a lesson due to national holidays or unexpected school closures.
    3. If an absence for two consecutive lessons or more is accompanied by a doctor’s note. 6. Make up lesson will not be granted for family holidays, exams or clashes with other activities.
  6. Participants are required to swim at their scheduled class time (unless discussed with the coach) in order to maintain an appropriate coach to swimmer ratio as well as minimize disruption when working on dance routines.
  7. If we cancel a lesson due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, we will strive to offer as many convenient times as possible.
  8. Make up lessons should be used within the same term and not the following term unless discussed with Synquatics management.
  9. If we need to cancel a lesson (due to coach illness or facility repairs etc), we will notify you as soon as practically possible via text message and email.
  10. Cancellation policy- Full refunds will only be issued under the following circumstances:
    1. Major illness
    2. Hospitalisation and rehabilitation
    3. Relocation outside of the Emirate in which the venue resides.

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